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Bringing advanced
technology into the body

Advanced technology has totally changed our daily lives. Implantica has spent
over a decade developing and patenting how to bring such advances into the body.

Cornerstone Platform Technologies

“After developing and patenting a wireless energizing and eHealth platform, we have gone through the entire body to determine suitable applications, looking at existing treatments and patents in all treatment fields. Totally new treatments, early detection of diseases and new ways of monitoring diseases will change healthcare forever.”

Smart Medical Implants

Patented new smart implants previously seen as unachievable have become viable with our innovative wireless energizing and eHealth platform. Individual product patents comprising >1000 patent cases support Implantica’s ability to change Healthcare fundamentally.

eHealth - The Future of Healthcare

eHealth is the fastest growing treatment field in the world, however, most development is focused on gathering information from outside the body. Implantica’s platform e-InVivo™ is designed to monitor, deliver and handle information as well as treat from inside the body. Internally the possibilities of improving healthcare are more or less endless.

Potential paradigm shift in acid reflux treatment

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