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Technology platform

Implantable eHealth Platform

With our implantable eHealth platform healthcare can dramatically change and take a large leap towards improved service and reduced costs for society. Implantica has developed new technology which is designed to allow healthcare to be more proactive. With early detection of diseases and easy monitoring of health parameters, we enable earlier diagnosis and improved treatment of many conditions – including life-threatening and life-deteriorative conditions. Digitisation, Wellness and Globalisation are strong trends. Implantica is expected to participate and drive these trends from inside the body with its eHealth product, e-InVivo™.

Digitisation of healthcare (eHealth)

The healthcare sector has finally awakened to the opportunities that digitisation offers. Governments, decision makers and caregivers around the world are discussing how digitisation and eHealth will improve healthcare and lower the cost burden for society, both nationally and internationally.

Implantica, with its product e-InVivo™, is directly involved in the digitisation of healthcare. eHealth is about using digital tools and sharing information digitally to achieve and maintain health. Among other things, healthcare should be implemented closer to the patient: the treatment will come to the patient instead of as today, the patient traveling to the hospital and spending time in waiting rooms. Healthcare should be proactive, and not reactive as it is today. Although we all know that early detection is key, the healthcare sector has been incapable of providing a suitable proactive approach. Here Implantica has an important role to play. Our e-InVivo™ solution, a sensor implant, is designed to be able to measure a number of important health parameters. Early detection of the presence, development or increased risk of many diseases will facilitate diagnosis and improve the treatment of these diseases. As a result, a patient can expect to enjoy a higher quality of life.The patients as well as their caregivers are expected to be able to monitor the patients’ specific health condition in real time without the patient having to visit the hospital. For example, medical data could be automatically sent via the internet to the caregiver’s analysts and their databases. Automatic responses or alarms could also be programmed. Simply put, e-InVivo is expected to improve health and reduce treatment costs.

Globalisation’s opportunities

A global problem is that healthcare is taking more and more of society’s resources. It is a development that is not sustainable in the long run. The solution is to provide access to more information to individuals about what they can do to prevent illness, and eHealth solutions that prevent the onset of illness. The e-InVivo™ solution is designed to continuously monitor, in a simple way, a person’s health condition allowing early detection of diseases.

Positive market development

The digitization of healthcare has only recently become a centre of attention to healthcare providers, governments and insurance companies, implying greater interest in our type of solutions. So far, interest has mainly been focused on minimizing healthcare costs to society. One can expect that additional government and EU directives will be launched, favouring early screening of a number of widespread diseases. Implantica will be able to offer such early screening solutions.

The world is facing enormous challenges to take care of the sick and the old. Political ambitions to improve health care are pronounced. Unfortunately, resources are limited both economically and in terms of the number of practitioners. One can therefore understand that decision makers are paying more attention to preventive care – as it is the most cost effective.

The future of health care

The initiative for personal health moves gradually from the caregiver to the patient himself. Digitisation and eHealth will enable early detection and health changes at an early stage. The caregivers will, in an easier and more effective way, be meeting more knowledgeable patients earlier. Information, collected data and analysis are targeted to already be transferred digitally to the healthcare provider prior to the patient’s visit. To make it possible for everyone to use the e-InVivo™ solution, we are focusing our development efforts on simplifying the solution and the presentation of medical data.

Since 2008 Implantica has been developing the e-InVivo™ solution, i.e. a small intelligent wirelessly energized and controlled implant equipped with integrated or attached sensors to measure a multitude of health parameters, enabling easy monitoring and decision making for patients and their caregivers.

Disclaimer: Products displayed on this webpage are currently under development and are not yet available for sale.