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About Implantica


Sustainability is an integral part of our business

Implantica's mission to provide medical implant solutions to millions of patients with extensive healthcare needs contributes to the UN's Global Sustainable Development Goal "Good Health and Well-being".

Through Implantica's unique technology platforms and product portfolio, the company will be an important link in the effort to create modern and efficient healthcare for all, which not only benefits the development of society at large but also creates the conditions for people's fundamental right to well-being.

Good health is a fundamental prerequisite for people to reach their full potential and to contribute to the development of society. People's health is influenced by economic, environmental, and social factors. UN Goal 3 includes all dimensions and reaches people of all ages.

Over the past decades, great strides have been made to improve human health globally. Implantica's key sustainability area is embedded in our mission to provide medical implant solutions to millions of patients with extensive healthcare needs. Developing new and improved medical devices designed to provide effective care for serious medical conditions, as well as improving the quality of life for patients around the world, also means working towards a more sustainable world.

Innovations for a better quality of life

While all Implantica products contribute in one way or another to good health and well-being, we would like to highlight two examples that we are convinced will lead to an improved quality of life for the millions of people affected.

UriRestore® is being developed to be a remote-controlled implant intended for people who are unable to urinate - such as patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) and multiple sclerosis (MS) - to urinate on demand, using Implantica’s wireless platform. By reducing the need to use a catheter, which must be manually inserted into the urethra, UriRestore® is intended to limit the risk of infection. With this implant, which is designed to be controlled via a remote control, the patient would/could initiate urination by pressing a button that mechanically acts on the bladder.

The StomaRestore® product is being developed to eliminate the need for ostomy bags for patients in need of ostomy surgery or existing ostomy patients, thus significantly improving their quality of life. Some medical conditions require surgery to remove part of the bowel with the consequence that the intestinal wall has to protrude through the abdominal wall. These patients need to use a plastic bag that collects the fecal matter outside the abdominal wall. StomaRestore® is being designed to offer a completely new solution for these patients, who may no longer need to use ostomy bags. Getting rid of these plastic bags is in itself also a win for the environment while eliminating the annual cost of about USD 3 billion.

In other words, by developing innovative implant technology, we can improve preventive care, and enable remote and cost-saving treatments for patients who currently receive no treatment.

Our most important contribution to the UN's GlobalGoals is to enable access to safe and effective treatments. Implantica strives to be a credible and reliable supplier, a long-term partner for its customers and business partners, an attractive employer and a good investment for its shareholders.