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The article entitled, “Non-active implantable device treating acid reflux with a new dynamic treatment approach: 1-year results,” can be accessed by the following link:

The authors, Bjelović et al., conclude that the new principle of RefluxStop™ is safe and effective to treat GERD while avoiding compression of the food passageway. Given the very promising results they believe RefluxStop™ may cause a shift in acid reflux treatment. 

That our new dynamic acid reflux treatment principle results in reduced complications such as swallowing difficulties and gas bloating was anticipated since RefluxStop™ does not compress the food passageway, however, the superior treatment results shown in the clinical investigation are remarkable. Publishing the successful 1-year results of the RefluxStop™ clinical investigation is an important milestone for Implantica,” said Dr. Peter Forsell, inventor of RefluxStop™ and CEO of Implantica.

About Implantica

Implantica is dedicated to bringing advanced technology into the body. Implantica’s first medical implant, RefluxStop™, will potentially create a paradigm shift in anti-reflux surgery as supported by the successful clinical trial results. Implantica’s upcoming two products, UriControl® a remote-controlled urinary sphincter, and AppetiteControl™ an entirely new treatment for obesity controlling appetite, are built on two underlying platforms – the wireless energizing platform and the e-InVivo™ eHealth platform.

Implantica’s eHealth platform e-InVivo™ is designed to monitor a broad range of health parameters and provide diagnostic information directly to the caregiver, with early detection of diseases as well as controlling treatment from inside the body.

Implantica’s wireless energizing platform is developed for Smart Medical Implants and designed to make previously unachievable medical implants possible – with the ability to power remote controlled implants wirelessly through intact skin.

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