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Andreas Öhrnberg appointed new CFO of Implantica

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Implantica MediSwiss AG is pleased to announce today the appointment of Andreas Öhrnberg as Chief Financial Officer effective immediately. Mr. Öhrnberg joins Implantica with over 15 years’ experience in finance and management positions, most recently serving as the CFO of Talkpool AG (TALK:SS, FN Stockholm), a publicly listed technology group providing IoT solutions and telecommunication network services globally based in Switzerland, and before that with Swiss Re as Vice President Finance and Strategy.

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Mr. Öhrnberg is replacing Dr. Lorenzo Trezzini, who served as Implantica’s CFO since November 2015, and is leaving Implantica at his own request. We wish to thank Dr. Trezzini for his contribution to Implantica and wish him good luck in his future endeavours.

About Implantica

Implantica is a privately held medtech company dedicated to bringing advanced technology into the body. Implantica’s first product, RefluxStop™, will potentially create a paradigm shift in anti-reflux surgery as supported by the successful clinical trial results. Implantica’s wireless energizing platform, developed for eHealth Smart Medical Implants, is designed to make previously impracticable medical implants possible with the ability to power remote controlled implants wirelessly through intact skin. In addition, Implantica has developed an eHealth platform to be initially used in combination with upcoming eHealth smart implants and later as a stand-alone eHealth monitoring device, e-InVivo™. This is designed to collect data from inside the body and transfer the data to external devices or directly to the caregiver. e-InVivo™ is designed to monitor a broad range of health parameters and provide diagnostic information with early detection of diseases as well as control treatment from inside the body.